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ShipPlotter Crack displays complete information about vessels within VHF range of your position using the Universe Automatic Identification System (AIS). AIS uses very short bursts of high-speed data on two VHF channels in the marine band. The two frequencies used are 161,975 (Marine chi 87) and 162,025 (chi 88) MHz’s Ships broadcast their identity, position, direction, speed and destination so that other ships can account for their movements.


Using a low-cost radio scanner tuned to one of these channels and the software running on your PC, you will be able to view a real-time radar-like map (below) of all major ships maneuvering in your area, along with with information about your destination, estimated time of arrival and even the dimensions of each ship. ShipPlotter crack keygen decodes each ship’s digital AIS signal using your PC’s sound card. You need a suitable VHF band radio receiver tuned to one of the two AIS channels. The program translates the received digital data and displays it in various formats.

ShipPlotter is a lightweight and useful utility that lets you view data about any ship that is within your VHF range. This application uses the Automatic Identification System to provide information about the ship.

AIS (Automatic Identification System) is a system used by ships to transmit information and communicate their position in real time to each other. Ships will broadcast their position, identity, destination, direction and speed, allowing other ships to consider their actions.

ShipPlotter Crack Keygen

The app will allow you to see all the major ships in your area on a map like a radar. The program also allows you to view various information about each ship, such as ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival), dimensions and destination. ShipPlotter Keygen uses your computer’s sound card to decode the AIS digital signal sent by the ship. The received data can be displayed in various formats.

ShipPlotter is a compact version of that runs on Pocket PC (iPAQ). It is intended for use in situations where it is not convenient to use a laptop or desktop computer. Like ShipPlotter, it displays AIS messages in a graph. Pocket charts are compatible with charts and calibration files. Pocket ShipPlotter doesn’t include as many options as the desktop version, but it can save decoded messages to log files and complete data to NMEA serial files.

Unlike ShipPlotter, Pocket ShipPlotter does not receive audio signals from the receiver – it only matches AIS serial data sources. Only ship position messages and static ship data messages are decoded by Pocket, but the option to save the full NMEA serial data to a file lets you reproduce the full data later using running on a laptop or desktop.



ShipPlotter Crack Key Features:

  • Signal Mode – In Signal Mode, displays raw digital signals on your PC screen in a diagnostic screen that helps you configure the system.
  • Message Mode – In message mode, displays each translated message in plain language on your PC screen.
  • Ship Mode – In Ship Mode, displays each translated message in plain language on your PC screen. There is a line on the sail for each ship. Depending on the format of the message received from the ship, the information may contain the ship’s MSSI number, its name, destination and estimated date and time of arrival, length, width and draft, and the last position report received from the ship. .
  • Chart Mode – In Chart Mode displays the position and identification of each vessel on an area chart. ShipPlotter comes with a general purpose world map, but you can add your own map to by simply scanning the chart to create a BMP or JPG graphic file and calibrating the chart using the tools built into ShipPlotter. ShipPlotter can also read marine charts in BSB format as long as your system performance, memory, etc. can handle font size.
  • Ship Details – In chart mode, if you right-click on any of the vessels shown in the chart, a pop-up window (right) displays all the received data about the vessel you selected. If you are connected to the Internet, there is a Search button which will access the ITU Ship Callsign Database to find out more details about the ship, including its port of registry.
  • Message Log – ShipPlotter can save all received and translated messages in a text file for further analysis. It can also save messages in untranslated format, in hexadecimal format for later decoding.
  • Radar View – ShipPlotter can display ship position and identification on a user-centered circular view, which can be dynamic positioning based on the position of the connected GPS receiver. This radar display can be either North Up or Heading Up.
  • Serial Input – Decode messages received from special AIS receivers using the NMEA serial format.
  • Serial Output – ShipPlotter can send demodulated messages to AIS compatible serial plotters using the NMEA serial format.
  • GPS input – ShipPlotter can include position data from a local GPS receiver in the displayed graph and can automatically center the graph on the current position.
  • Message Sharing – ShipPlotter can use the Internet to share your messages with others so that everyone sees the full range of messages received by participating users.
  • Local sharing – Share incoming messages with other instances of programs running on machines on the local network.
  • Automatic Chart Selection – If you have a selection of charts from your coverage area, ShipPlotter can automatically select the appropriate chart to display the preferred vessel of interest.
  • Support for multiple sound cards – Choose from multiple sound cards if you have more than one. This means that, depending on processing power, you can run multiple instances of audio processing from more than one source.
  • COM Automation Support – Accessed by VB Script or other services via COM interface.
  • Download Automated Charts – Access several databases of global satellite imagery to use as background charts to display ship positions.
  • Waypoint/Track/Route Overlay – Display waypoints, routes and tracks read from GPS data files in GPX data format.
  • Peer-to-Peer Sharing – Share data with up to four other SP instances using UDP datagrams over the local network or the Internet.
  • TCP/IP client – ShipPlotter can receive data from a remote TCP/IP server that sends NMEA AIS message data.
  • TCP/IP Server – Receive data from remote TCP/IP clients sending NMEA AIS message data.
  • Google Earth Server – Provide a server to Google Earth that provides ship position data that will appear on Google Earth maps.
  • Memory Map Support – Control the Memory Map Navigator(TM) to display the ship currently displayed by ShipPlotter.
  • Multimap Support – Open a browser window on the Multimap server to display the ships you specify. It can also import Multimap maps into the SP graph window.



What’s New in ShipPlotter Crack?

  • Record put is now current user (with upward compatibility – took a while)
  • Confirm in upload settings
  • Update factory reset


  • The program allows you to view data in various modes.
  • Maps and information are updated in real time.


  • A VHF band radio receiver is required.

System Requirements for ShipPlotter

  • Pentium class PC running WinPE/Vista/Win7/Win8 with compatible sound card. Real-time processing of AIS messages is processor-intensive and requires a well-performing engine. To display large graphics, you may also need a surprising amount of memory.
  • A dedicated AIS receiver with serial output or a general purpose VHF band radio receiver tuned to one of the AIS channels. Receiver output should be taken from discriminator taps with low amplitude and phase distortion. Below is a selection of receivers that will work with without modification.

How to install ShipPlotter Crack?

  1. Click the Continue to application button on our website. This will redirect you to Google Play.
  2. Once Ship Plotter appears on your Android device’s Google Play list, you can start downloading and installing.
  3. Tap the Install button located below the search bar and to the right of the app icon.
  4. A pop-up window with the permissions required by Ship Plotter will appear. Click Accept to continue the process.
  5. ShipPlotter will download to your device, showing progress. Once the download is complete, the installation will start and you will receive a notification once the installation is complete.

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ShipPlotter Crack With Keygen Download 2022

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